Become a Teacher


1). To impart and spread the right, correct and authentic knowledge of Yog education (Yog Vidya/ Yog science) among people.
2). To make people aware of incorrect, inappropriate and incomplete information about Yog as given by the media, internet, and present prevailing Yog systems.
3). To furnish rich and authentic contents of Yog Vidya as suggested by ancient and authentic Rishis, Munis, Sages, Yogacharyas, Scriptures and Texts.
4). To provide and impart proper knowledge and training of different components of Yog to the people for their perfect and harmonious life.
5). To furnish scientific research-based knowledge of Yog.
6). To impart proper training of different components of Yog to personnel of organizations, corporate sectors, companies, institutions and industries for their integrated development and wellness. 
7). To provide yogic preventions for psycho-somatic problems.
8). To provide Counselling and consultancy to Yog and spiritual practitioners.
10). To provide online solutios and services to needy practitioners.
11). To conduct scientific researches on different components of Yog related to various aspects of human life. 
12). To motivate the new generation to understand and practice the authentic Yog in a right way.
13). To let people know the importance of authentic Yog in daily life.